Love Your True Colors

Valentine's Day Challenge
February 8th - 12th

Unleash your creativity with 5 days of unabashed self-acceptance, boundless joy, and unconditional self-love!

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Let’s Turn Valentine’s Day on its head, shall we?

Yes, I know! Chocolate overload can be fun, but once you look past the commercial flood of teddy bears and hearts, there’s a more genuine truth to uncover: love.
So this Valentine’s Day I’m creating a fun 5 day self-love and creativity challenge for you to love your uniqueness, uncover your quirks and reclaim your creative self-expression.

This is a safe space to turn the mirror on yourself and look inside, where it really matters. A space to celebrate ALL parts of you! Because it’s only when you embrace your authentic self, that your unique talents are unleashed and your true colors shine bright into the world.

It’s only through this act of radical self-acceptance and transparency that your art will truly resonate with others. It’s your authenticity and vulnerability that will make your art stand apart and shine.

So if you’re a professional artist, enjoy a creative hobby or are just creative at heart, join me on this fun 5 day challenge to…


Tap into unconditional self-love. Rediscover your uniqueness and deeply appreciate every.single.side of you.


Experience authentic freedom. Liberate yourself from self-sabotage, doubt, and perfectionism. Live your truth unapologetically!


Rediscover the joy of creating. Melt away the joy-sapping internal obstacles that block your creative flow. Turn up the volume on delicious, effortless, powerful self-expression.


"Esma is a reliable partner who brings her best to the table and is always willing to go the extra mile. She is also an incredibly thoughtful and empathetic human being who I feel grateful to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to actually convert their ideas into reality." 

-Dr. Richa Kalra
Actor, Phychiatrist


I'm Esma.

And if you’re finding your way on a creative journey, let me tell you: I've been in your shoes! My artistic path has not been linear, as you’ll see...

After earning an MBA from Columbia University and building a successful career running a prominent retail brand, I realized I had blindly followed a path that others laid out for me. A path that was not my own.

It was scary at first, but I decided to leave the corporate world behind and embrace the creativity that gave my life purpose.
Now that I’ve found the freedom, joy, and creativity of living on the other side, I am on a mission to bring that freedom to others—just like you.

As a Kaizen-Muse creativity coach, I challenge and inspire people to go deep in identifying who they truly are, mindfully create, and embrace fearlessness. I created a platform to support other creatives seeking to live their truth, and profit from their talents.

Today, I’m excited to invite you to the best ride of all: a new trail of self-discovery, acceptance and living in your truth.

Will you join me?

Bravely Original


Ready to love yourself and reclaim your creativity?

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